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the culture of corporate image


We analyses the conceptual development of the corporate image process. Emphasis is placed on the difference between corporate image, corporate identity, and corporate philosophy. 

These concepts are combined into a new process for the development image in the eyes of an organization's publics  through its realationship with the Culture.


All organizations have a own culture. Culture includes the set of shared values, beliefs, attitudes, customs, norms, personalities and ethos that describe an organization or society. 

Government-owned or private owned organizations, small or large, need effective corporate image to survive in the contemporary environment for the fact that organizations operate with a corporate objectives end into dynamic cultural word, it holds on an organization to take into cognizance  the Cultural Events as the effective corporate image management.


For us the most important is to view the corporate image in a relation to its Cultural settings.

Success is often determined by linkages between an organizations’ image and realtions with modern and dynamic society - with our tradition and contemporary culture. In fact, the challenges of strategic management today is to bring about changes in the corporate image through Culture. 

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